Brokerage services in Oklahoma Our commercial agents understand Oklahoma‘s complex real estate market and continually educate themselves on new opportunities and trends. Baker First’s strong network and innovative marketing technology brings buyers and sellers together to develop smoother, more efficient transactions. Beyond buying and selling property, Baker First is a complete commercial real estate source. Our brokerage services include sales and leasing, market analysis, leasing evaluations and financing.

At most real estate companies, clients receive a short arc of time, at Baker First, we take an owner’s approach to investment real estate.  We strive to obtain maximum results and protect the owner’s interests on a long-term basis.

We’re not in the habit of taking shortcuts.  When you’re looking for the very best, come and discover the best kept secret in OKC – unleash the power of commercial realtors working for you!

We offer brokerage services for all commercial asset types. Click on one of the links below to learn more about our services:

 Retail   /   Office   /   Industrial   /   Land Acquisition  

  • Office leasing and purchasing
  • Retail leasing and purchasing
  • Industrial & Special Use leasing & purchasing
  • Land acquisition

Contact our brokerage team: Rod Baker or Bill Reid at 405.947.7200.


Baker First views real estate through the eyes of our clients and we base our services on their specific site criteria and objectives.

  • For Tenants, our focused professionals approach real estate as an opportunity for clients to reach the ideal customer base, to enhance or to capitalize on brand awareness, and to maximize sales and profits.
  • For Landlords, our experts approach property as an income-producing asset, as a balance of anchor and specialty tenants, and as part of a competitive regional retail marketplace. Our mission is to enhance asset value by creating a desirable tenant mix in an attractive environment, producing retailer synergies and generating strong retailer sales.

Our retail agents are experts in their markets, and are dedicated to consistently providing clients with efficient, targeted services that address all financial and operational issues.

Contact our brokerage team: Rod Baker or Bill Reid at 405.947.7200.                       top


At Baker First, we see office property the way our clients see it – our approach is individually customized based on their unique commercial real estate needs.

  • For Occupiers, our professionals approach office real estate not just as space for clients to do business – but as an opportunity for future client growth, an expense to be controlled and as a way to promote and reflect our clients’ company culture.
  • For Investors, our real estate experts see office real estate not just as a standalone income-producing asset – but as a tenant roster that needs to be managed,  a part of a wider financial portfolio, and an asset that can be bought, improved and sold based on clients’ specific investment goals and market conditions.

Our office agents are experts in their markets, and are dedicated to consistently providing clients with efficient, targeted services that address all financial and operational issues.

Contact our brokerage team: Rod Baker or Bill Reid at 405.947.7200.                      top


Baker First provides industrial real estate expertise the way our clients demand – targeted to their specific commercial real estate needs. Our professionals are specialists and provide services for facility requirements ranging from big box warehouse/distribution, multimodal, research and development, and flex/showroom to small office single door spaces.

  • For Tenants or Buyers, our professionals approach industrial real estate not as just the next transaction but as an opportunity to advise their clients on how the right real estate decision will help optimize operations, impact budgets and balance sheets, affect global supply chain logistics and evaluate and secure local/state tax incentives.
  • For Landlords or Sellers, our professionals see industrial real estate not just as an income-producing asset – but as an integral piece to a client’s overall portfolio strategy, as a facility with a specific appeal to targeted prospects,  and as a property tied to the regional, national and global economy.

Our industrial brokers are experts in their markets, and are dedicated to consistently providing clients with efficient, targeted services and solutions that address each client’s financial and operational issues.

Contact our brokerage team: Rod Baker or Bill Reid at 405.947.7200.                      top


Whether you are selling or buying land there are obvious considerations that need to be taken relative to location, size and zoning. But a multitude of other factors are also at play such as ordinance and environmental issues, utilities, right-of-ways, traffic counts. The considerations are both critical and numerous. Baker First’s team of professionals can devise comprehensive marketing campaigns to dispose of land and sound strategies for site selection and the acquisition of parcels, while you benefit from their extensive connections with owners, developers, zoning board members and local regulators.

Our decades of experience with land transactions give us the advantage of quickly determining the value of land holdings, and negotiating on your behalf for the best possible terms. Our deep connections with other leasing agents in the brokerage community – locally, nationally and globally – as well as our market insights give you a distinct advantage in understanding local market conditions and their impact on land values over short and long-term horizons.

Our services include:

  • Providing expertise in assembling and acquiring land for every type of development.
  • Giving you the necessary information – market pricing, zoning and environmental issues, ordinances, utilities, right-of-ways, traffic counts and demographics – to make decisions.
  • Assessing the highest and best possible use for parcels.
  • Offering extensive relationships with property owners, developers, utility representatives, municipal leaders, zoning board members and political officials.
  • Using access to our database of recent transactions to determine the value of land holdings.
  • Maximizing presence by reaching qualified buyers and developers.
  • Leveraging our relationships with the brokerage community.
  • Uncovering existing and potential opportunities for land acquisitions.
  • Aggressively negotiating to provide the best possible terms whether buying or selling land.

Baker First Commercial Real Estate Service’s agents share a singular focus: working as a partner in representing clients’ interests based on their individual real estate needs and investment criteria. Backed by over 30 years of experience, our professionals act as strategic advisors, providing specific local market knowledge and sound industry insight to help our clients discover their real estate needs and meet their business objectives in a wide range of brokerage services.

Contact our brokerage team: Rod Baker or Bill Reid at 405.947.7200.                   top